Xbox One-What’s Next


With the technical world always advancing and gaming hitting the X-games, people are investing time into the games they play. Gamers online spend an average of 5.26 hours per week on gaming. With around to 2.6 billion Microsoft gamers around the world that is an average of 10.5 billion hours per week. Time it’s not the only investment for the gaming community. Just in 2019 the gaming market averaged 152.1 billion dollars in sales. Gaming is an everyone pass time whether it’s parents playing with their kids, the teenager playing socially with online friends, or the 35-year old that lives in their parents basement. There is something for everyone in the world of gaming.

Microsoft- Xbox lives


With Microsoft’s ever expanding technology and the launch of Xbox Live in 2002, the modern gamer should have no trouble finding content that appeals to them. Online gaming is bigger than ever and continues to grow. Gamers on the Microsoft/Xbox platform can find just about any type of gaming experience they are looking for. However, in order to game Online users must first buy and set up an Xbox live membership. Gamers can play on the Xbox without the Live membership, but this has limits. There will be limits on what games you can and can’t play. There are limits on the content you can receive for games. Realistically in these times of technical gaming owning an Xbox One console without the Live membership is virtually useless. As for me like a lot of other people it’s not just about playing games in my spare time, it’s about being able to play and compete with people from around the world. Users can but an Xbox live membership for around 60 dollars per year for the gold membership. This gold membership allows users to download a choice of 3 free games every month. Gamers can also get a game subscription called game pass for $9.99 per month. This gives you access to over 100 games all of which can be bought via the Microsoft store.

Game Pass-Find Your Adventure

With the ever expanding world of gaming there is a constant demand for new. Gamers demand new games, new content added to old games, and new ways to play. This demand is a money tree for companies like Microsoft. With this demand for new games you can understand why gamers would flock to a subscription service like game pass. $14.99 per month well get subscribers the ultimate game pass that includes the necessary Xbox live. However, they also offer a 3 months, 6 months, and 1 year subscription so there is no lack of options. Personally I am the first person shooter type of game player. I get down with games like Destiny and Call of Duty. But I also enjoy action adventure games like Tomb Raider and Resident Evil. And that’s the great thing about the Game Pass subscription, no matter what you are into there is a game you can get in control of.

Twitch- The Live Stream

As gaming advances through the years as well as the internet capabilities, people seem to have the desire to watch things. They want more content, more movies, more TV shows, and they want to watch other real life people doing real life things. There is no shortage of content online, whether it’s a how to video on YouTube or watching TV shows and movies on Netflix or Hulu. This world of online streaming is slowly phasing out cable and satellite companies. Twitch is online streaming for multiplayer and E-sports gamers where they can grow a following. Twitch streamers play the games they love and can steam their game play for others to watch and comment on. Twitch it’s owned by Amazon so gamers that are Amazon Prime members also get Twitch Prime included, this gives gamers exclusive in game loot for many of their favorite games. Twitch is currently one of the largest streaming companies in the US.

Gaming at X Games

The Summer X Games, Austin Texas in 2014 introduced a new competition. 8 teams of gamers competed for X Games medals and cash prizes. With gaming’s popularity continuing to grow at a staggering rate and the potential for monetary value, it’s clear why it was introduced to the X Games. The first competition featured teams competing in the PvP game Call of Duty Ghosts. The competition tent at X Games was at max capacity and had spectators sitting on the floor to watch the 8 elite teams compete. The 2015 Winter X Games in Aspen would be the second venue to host video gaming competition. The Aspen X Games put 8, 5 person teams of gamers against each other playing “Counter Strike- Global Offensive.” The games in Austin was to be a trial venture with not certainty of success, however “Apex Legends” was the featured game at the X Games in 2019. With video ganging turning out to be extremely successful out doesn’t seem to be getting pulled from the X Games any time soon. In my opinion this competition is going to continue to grow just as the video gaming industry is growing.

Xbox-The Next Evolution

Microsoft’s Xbox game console gets more advanced with every new console they design. November 2001 The first game console since the Atari Jaguar that was made by an American company. The Xbox was pitched as a new way to play and was said to allow for online gaming. In November of 2002 Microsoft launched Xbox Live and this made this console the first to support people playing with others from around the world. The Xbox also allowed users to save game progress directly onto the console. Gamers having the Live account gave way for them to download games and content from the internet. November 2005 Microsoft debuted the Xbox 360 which was to be the next generation of console gaming. Microsoft Developed another type of gaming in 2009 when they stated sales of the Kinect. This was


a way for more interactive game play that wasn’t just sitting on the couch. The Kinect made way for users to interact with the console through motion and speech. One year after the Kinect Microsoft began sales of the Xbox 360 S or also called Xbox 360 Slim. This new version of Xbox 360 came with nor USB ports, built in WiFi, and had a sleeker design. In 2012 Microsoft announced Xbox music and Xbox video. In to 2013 when Microsoft unveiled and released the Xbox one and made almost all of their popular game available on PC. This allows you to switch platforms without losing you progress. Next came Game Pass which gives gamers unlimited access to older games plus access to new games the day they drop. All three features and still Xbox was having trouble measuring up to the PlayStation 4 until the Xbox One S dropped. This new console has been updated with a smaller design, HDR support, and a 4K blue ray player. Here we are 19 years after the sale of the original Xbox and Microsoft has put out the most powerful console at the time. The Xbox One X is the next evolution off gaming consoles that allows for 4k gaming and is vapor cooled, but they didn’t setup there. Microsoft announced at the Game Awards in 2019 they are in development of the Xbox Series X that could very well be nor powerful than the PlayStation 5 that supports 8k resolution. I personally am excited to see what three future of gaming bring brings.

So far so good

have a love for gaming as do billions of others around the world. The developers at Microsoft are diligently working to bring consumers of game content new and exciting consoles. The next generation of Xbox and online gaming don’t appear to be slowing down. With the lightning fast internet connections and the demand for new games and original content there is only one way for Microsoft to go, but with the demand of gamers how much more new can they come up with. They will either continue to create mind blowing gaming experiences or they will fall by the wayside and disappoint their following of gamers. I hope for the former and I look forward to a completely immersive VR experience that we seen in that movie “Ready Player One.” How far from this type of gaming are we? Who will get there first Microsoft or Sony? Will games like “Call of Duty” leave the TV screen and become a completely realistic world? And if gaming moves to strictly online VR will live streaming services like Twitch be a thing of the past and be forgotten by future generations, because maybe we no longer watch on our TVs. Instead, we watch live VR gaming in virtual bleachers, or by being virtual bystanders during the battles of “Call of Duty.” I am hopeful for the world of gaming, but for now I would have to say so far so good

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