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Super Headsets Gaming-World Wide Friendships

When you are a gamer you know the importance of quality sound. You want good sound for a completely immersive experience. Surround sound systems are great, but they don’t help with the background noises that come with parenthood. I am sure you love your family but when it’s game time, it’s game time.

I assume you serious gamers know the importance of being able to hear your teammates during raids and PvP battles. An open line of communication is key for completing much of the gaming content in today’s games. You need clear clean crisp sound from your teammates and they need it from you.

Gaming has become a huge part of billions of people’s lives, and with that came a whole community of people playing and talking with each other from all over the world. I am an American with gaming friends from Australia, England, Canada, and many other counties as I am sure a lot of you do as well.

Gaming Headsets-Sound that’s out of this World

Turtle beach headsets for Xbox One is a widely searched topic. People want a quality headset that delivers great sound. They what a headset that projects with great clarity to their “teammates” or “fire team.” Frankly people want a headset to take them out of this world and into the game. Turtle Beach headsets for Xbox One will get gamers really friggin close.

Superhuman Hearing

What is Superhuman Hearing you might ask, well it’s a Turtle Beach exclusive technology that does just that. This tech gives gamers an important edge on their opponents. How, it allows players to hear the enemies footsteps sneaking up from behind. It makes the small details normally missed while playing audible, so you hear them reloading their firearms and vehicles bringing reinforcements. These sounds could mean the difference between victory and defeat. Become elite with Superhuman Hearing and The Elite 800X by Turtle Beach.

Elite 800X Premium Wireless Headset for Xbox One

Turtle Beach’s Elite 800X is one of the best headsets for Xbox One on the market. With a price tag of $350.00 it should be. The Elite 800X is the ultimate wireless, gaming headset for Xbox One. It is equipped with active noise cancellation technology, and features amazing Superhuman Hearing. The 7.1 Surround Sound, and DTS Surround Sound modes with EQ audio presets enhance your games, music and movies to an extreme level. The Elite 800X and it’s Bluetooth Connectivity is great for use with mobile and tablet devices, and can be used to stream music while gaming. Every 800X comes with a compact, magnetic charging, and the headset has a battery that will last up 10 hours. The DTS Headphone:X 7.1 Surround Creates a 3D 360-degree sound so you can pinpoint the audio so you can hear the exact location of every “Footstep” or “Gunshot.”

Turtle Beach Battle Buds

Turtle Beach Battle Buds at around $20.00 is a price that most gamers can afford. Don’t let this low priced headset fool you. Their ear buds produce great sound from their 10 millimeter speakers. For gamers on a tight budget you can’t go wrong. Play with the removable Mic or with the inline Mic and have your volume control and Mic mute on the inline controller. This would not be my number 1 choice but it is suitable for gamers who are learning their game.

Turtle Beach Recon Spark

$50.00 and you could pick up The Turtle Beach Recon Spark gaming headset. When you want to strike the spark to Fire up Your Game this headset will help you ignite your flame. Your fire team will hear you loud and clear with the high sensitivity mic. Just flip it up to mute your chat so they don’t hear you cursing that guy that got you all killed. The Spark is durable and comfortable to wear for hours of battle with memory foam ear cushions and the headband is reinforced with metal. Control your game while being able to control the 40 mm speakers sound with the easily accessible volume on ear controls. Their are no worries with this headset just victory no matter what platform you game on, this headset is compatible to all your devices with a 3.5 mm connection.

Turtle Beach Stealth 700

The Stealth 700 is an Xbox direct wireless headset which means there are no wires and no adapters only gaming. Turn on your Xbox and play it’s that easy with this direct connection to Xbox. Priced at $120.00 The Stealth 700 headset gives you virtual surround sound provided by Windows Sonic Surround Sound. Noise cancellation makes this headset great for those who play for supremacy and can’t afford distracting noises around you. Hearing the game not the world and defeat the enemies.

Elite Pro SuperAmp For Xbox One & Windows 10

When you are an extreme gamer that takes your game serious you might want to pick up The Turtle Beach Elite Pro SuperAmp exclusively for Xbox One and Windows 10. This device is a multi functional sound amplifier that gives you Superhuman Hearing. Customize your personal settings with the Audio Hub app. Make it your own with Chat Boost, Audio Presets and stream music or answer phone calls while gaming.

Connect to the Turtle Beach Audio Hub app on your compatible iOS or Android mobile device to unleash the full power of the Elite SuperAmp Personalize settings like Chat Boost and EQ Audio Presets, LED color settings and additionally stream music or take calls while gaming.

Demand more sound from your Xbox One and Windows 10 PC. Be the best team leader with variable Mic monitoring and chat boost by controlling your voice volume and an automatic chat volume increase during heightened firefights with the enemies. Try it, set it, and love your personalized settings to make the game your own.

Turtle Beach-Worth a Try

While Their are tons of Gaming headsets out there few can claim to give you Superhuman Hearing as Turtle Beach does. I personally have the Recon 600 and I love it. But after a little more reading I think I am going to go pickup the 800X and the SuperAmp. But whether you are the weekend warrior or the daily extreme gamer I think Turtle Beach can set you up to dominate, hey it’s worth a try



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