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I remember when I was a little boy my dad bought me and my brother an Atari. We would get home from school and play Space Invaders for hours. Heck I would sneak out of my room at night just so I didn’t have to share. I played that Atari for years. The next console we got was a Nintendo. And was I excited, to graphics were next level. I didn’t think it could get any better. What I can control Mario. Oh but it did get so much better. They came out with Super Nintendo. Next I got a PlayStation no more blowing inside of to console in hopes to game would play. Nope life is good until your favorite game got scratched. On to PlayStation 2 just cause it’s new and I gotta have the newest console. But then PlayStation 3 & 4 showed up in stores along with Xbox 360 and Xbox One. And yest I bought all four. These consoles where game changers. With to graphics and no way I can just download my games for to internet. I can play online with people for around to world too?

Stay up with the times

Let me ask you a question. Have you ever been plaything online and thought, this is cool, but I wonder if there is a super controller that will give me an edge in this PVP game? Of you are anything like me I know I have that thought every time I am getting my tail end kicked. Or maybe you just want to have to the best of the best just because you can.

We got your back

Whether you are looking for to latest and greatest, or maybe you would like a little blast from to past. We got your back. Here at Pyrohelix Gaming it is my mission to get you hooked up with all to gaming necessities to make you elite. No matter to platform there is something to help you Fire up Your Game.


If you’re looking for to latest in content for that favorite game let us show you. How about to newest games and accessories well here it is. Oh wait you want to relive your youth with Sega Genesis, Yep, got that to.

Whatever you need for your gaming experience we are here to help.


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