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This Japanese band had its hands in video game consoles, an online network, controllers, media Center handheld gaming a phone and magazines. PlayStation is interactive entertainment produced by Sony. The origins of the PlayStation started back in 1988 as a joint effort between Nintendo and Sony. The idea was to create a CD-ROM style game system.

June 1991 Sony revealed the PlayStation (SNES-CD) at the Consumer Electronics Show and a day later Nintendo announced they were ending their partnership with Sony. Nintendo decided to partner with Philips and use the same technology.

In 1994 the first PlayStation hit Japanese stores and soon gained popularity in Europe and North America due to a lower price than its competitor the Sega Saturn. Since the release of the first game console, Sony had become one of the leaders in video gaming systems.

PlayStation-Home Consoles

TheOriginal PlayStation was the first console series and hand held game devices found worldwide, it was succeeded by other consoles and upgrades like the Net Yaroze, the PS One, and the PocketStation.

The PS One was redesigned to be a smaller version of the Original PlayStation console and was released in July 2000. Though the PlayStation 2 was released alongside its predecessor, the PS One out sold the PlayStation 2 and all other consoles in its first year.

The PlayStation 2 succeeded the PS One and was made to be backwards compatible with most of the PS One games. Just 4 years after the PlayStation 2 launch came the PlayStation 2 Slimline Model. The PlayStation 2 remains the most successful home gaming console on the market with having sold over 155 million units worldwide.

Slim Model released in 2004 as a major redesign of the original PlayStation 2. Slim models were made smaller, thinner, quieter, and was equipped with an Ethernet port. In 2007 Sony made more revisions to the Slimline Model making the AC Adapter lighter and again in 2008 Sony revised the internals Slimline Model incorporating the power supply within the console to make it lighter yet. As of 2015 PS 2 has been ranked as the best-selling console of all time.

The PlayStation 3 was the next step for the Sony gaming console and was released in November 2006. This console is the first to incorporate motion sensing technology with a six axis wireless controller. The PS 3 could be purchased with a 20 or a 60 GB hard drive, it came with a blue ray player and offered high definition resolution. Later the console would be available with a hard drive up to 500 GB. Like its predecessor the PS 3 would undergo a series of revisions.

The PlayStation 3 Slim Models debuted in 2009 3 years after the Original PS 3 and was smaller, lighter, and used less power than the other models. This Slim Model also included a better cooling system and a smaller Cell processor. This newer PS 3 supported CEC or Bravia sync, Viera Link, Easy Link, Etc which allowed control of three consoles through HDMI by using the remote as a controller. The PS 3 Slim was a quieter and cooler running console than those before it.

The PlayStation 3 Super Slim models were revealed in 2012 and featured a sliding disc drive that was moved to the top of the console. This super slim was close to 3 pounds lighter and came with either a 12 GB flash drive or a 250 GB, 500 GB hard drive. It was also available in several bundles that includes the console and various games.

The PlayStation 4, the latest console from Sony Computer Entertainment started in development in 2008 and was launched in 2013. This eighth generation system came with the introduction to the PlayStation App that allows owners to use smart phones and tablets as a secondary screen. The PlayStation Now game streaming service was another upgrade to the PlayStation experience. This included a share button on the new controller allowing you to view game content being live streamed by friends thus making gaming more social. In November 2015 the PS 4 began sales in North America. The PS 4 like the previous models would soon have updated and sleeker models as well.

The PlayStation 4 Slim was about 40% smaller and had more of a round body. The USB ports on the front had a wider gap between them and the optical audio port was removed. Dual shock controller had a visible light bar through the top and was dark gray exterior color instead of shiny black. This Slim Model hit stores in 2016 and came with a 500 GB hard drive.

PlayStation 4 Pro was to be the next upgraded model by Sony and had improved hardware, that includes an upgraded GPU and a higher CPU clock. It was designed to enable select games at 4k resolution and better PlayStation VR quality. The PS 4 Pro supports 4k streaming but does not support Ultra HD Blu-ray. This is the only model that can remote play at 1080p all others are limited to 720p.

The PlayStation 5 is said to be the next generation in gaming consoles and is expected to ship worldwide. By the end of 2020. Sony’s financial report says that the next generation hardware is in development and will not ship any sooner than April 2020. This console is said to be upgraded from the PS4 and is going to use 8 core 16 thread CPU using RDNA microarchitecture. Based on AMD’s Zen 2 microarchitecture RDNA will support for hardware acceleration of ray tracing rendering, that enables real time ray traced graphics. This next generation console will have custom SSD storage and a Blu-ray player that will 100 GB discs plus Ultra HD Blu-ray.

Power of Control

The new controller will come with some upgraded features like adaptive triggers, this means it can chance the resistance to the player while drawing an arrow back in your bow in your game. It will also have strong haptic feedback though the voice coil actuators and better controller speakers combined will produce improved in game feedback. Sony has also included a higher rated battery and USB-C connection.

I Am In On The PS5

So now that I have done a little reading and typing about the Sony PlayStation I think I am going to wait until this new PS5 hits the shelves. I think this might be the next console I buy. From what I have read about this console it seems intriguing to me. I look forward to checking out the adaptive controller and I am excited to check out the graphics the new microarchitecture brings to the table.

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