Nintedndo Switch-A New Way To Play


The Nintendo Switch gaming console combines the classic gaming of Nintendo with the modern technologies of the millennium. This console allows for game play on the big screen as well the ability to play on the go. With WiFi capabilities this device is great for families on the go. Whether at home or on the road the Switch is a great addition to your children’s gaming catalog. The Switch is user-friendly for adults. And seemingly designed for game play of all age ranges. Reasonably priced subscription, throwbacks, and physical gaming. The Switch has something for everyone.

Nintendo Switch Handheld Gaming

I have three children that are all into gaming. We have bought almost every console on the market. Just recently we jumped into getting the Switch. The touch screen makes for a modern look and feel The controller connects to the screen. This allows for gaming virtually anywhere. This is an awesome feature in today’s fast pace. Nowadays with everyone traveling and always on the go this handheld game blows the standard tablet out of the water.

Switch Online

With the online capabilities Nintendo came up with a subscription plan that allows users to access throwbacks. From the old school Nes games developed in the 80’s to the Super Nes users can play through the times. The joy cons also double as motion fobs for those looking for a more active type of gaming. Yes with the $20.00 per year for a single player subscription gamers can also play from the libraries that came with the Nintendo Wii. Gamers can take screenshots of those epic moments and post them to thief social media. The Nintendo Switch subscription also allows for online multiplayer perks that the modern gamer for find useful in today’s world off online gaming. And since you can’t play multiplayer online games without the subscription the makers of the Switch kind of got users in a catch 22. However, the insanely popular game Fortnite lets users play without the subscription, and lets you do in game chat with your gaming friends. And with the world of gaming becoming more and more online based who isn’t going to pay for the online subscription? On the downside of you are into the online gaming and chat this console is behind the times. In order to chat with friends users need to download the app and chat using a separate device. (WHAT?) So when you compare it to the $60.00 per year for a single player subscription on the Xbox/ Microsoft platform. This Switch seems like a good investment for families with children. That is if you don’t mind using 2 devices for the full online game play. And for around $35.00 per year for a family subscription that allows for up to 8 users. Everyone in the family can create a Switch profile. The Nintendo Switch definitely appeals to children.

Parents Piece Of Mind With Limits

For me as a parent having a way to monitor for Children’s play time is important. And for parents the Switch gives you and easy to navigate app that helps you monitor and limit game play, as well as disabling unwanted content such as posting to social media. On this app there is a daily report on tone played. I can set limits on how many hours of screen time for children get. With customizable limits I have the choice to decide how long they can play each day. I can also set a shut down limit so they can’t sneak out in the middle of the night like I did as a kid. The monthly report of play time put in perspective how much they are in front of the screen. With this perspective I can make changes as I see fit.

Switch Joy Cons-Pleasantly Surprised

So with all the features that come stock with the Switch the joy cons (controllers) seem to be well-designed. For me being a parent with small children one of the problems I run into with for children gaming is the controllers. That is if you are a parent like me you know what I am talking about. I know your 5 year old probably isn’t going to be playing those PVP games, but they would like to be able to play something. With the Switch console and the Nintendo Switch Online it gives your 5 year old three chance. The joy con breaks down and allows the use of one side which is small, and well-designed for those little hands. With other platforms for littles could never control all the buttons needed to play. Throwbacks that we used to enjoy are played with one side of the joy con. The buttons are in close proximity to each other. This feature is ideal for the younger gamers in your household. The touch screen allows for the 2 joy cons to slide onto the screen. This seems awkward to me, but to this tech savvy generation of for kids even for 5 year old operates this system.

Switch Capabilities

1. Turn on Your TV

2. Find Your Lost Joy-Con

3. Make Friends and Play With Them

4. Voice Chat With Friends (With the app for Android and IOS)

5. Pair Joy-Cons With an Android Phone, Mac, or PC

6. Check Your Battery Life. At Anytime

7. Make Odd, Fun Sounds on the Unlock Screen

8. See How Long You’ve Played a Game.

9. Change Your Region to Access Region-Restricted Games

10. View the Menu in Dark Mode

11. Attach a USB Keyboard or Headset

12. Make Another Profile for an Extra Save Slot

13. Perform a Hard Reset if It Freezes

14. Use Your Joy-Con Like a Wii Remote

Parent Approval

As a parent I would like to say as far as gaming for kids the Nintendo Switch would have to be for choice. For three price you can’t beat the family subscription, but for me it’s not about just the price. For me being a parent in today’s world you have to be able to monitor and limit your children’s screen time. I found the parental control app to be the easiest to navigate. Plus when it’s time for family game night we love being able to play the classic Nes games like Mario. It’s a game the whole family can play, even my 5 year old. We have only had our Switch for a short while, and have yet to unpack all the possibilities. As for family and I we look forward to Nintendo adding more content.


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